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Long Garden Toolset 3 PC Stanley Jr.

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Garden tools come in handy when looking to spice up your child’s outdoor playing experience. Make this possible through the use of this three-tool gardening combo. Your child will love playing with the combo that includes a leaf rake, a gardening hoe and a shovel. These STANLEY Jr tools help your child learn gardening skills as well as how to develop a green thumb.


• 3-Tool Combo – Get three gardening tools for your child with each purchase of this three-tool gardening combo that includes a gardening hoe, leaf rake and shovel.
• Real Tools – The gardening tools are made from wood and metal materials that ensures your child can help in the garden.
• Learn Gardening – Are you looking to teach your child some gardening skills? Then this STANLEY Jr tool combo will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.
• Durable – The wood and metal materials are durable to prevent breakage and lengthen the lifespan of the tools.
• Easy To Maintain – The tools are easy to maintain and a routine clean by wiping with a wet cloth works fine to maintain them.