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Stanley Jr. Battery Operated Drill

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Manufacturer: Red Toolbox


Help your child develop crucial cognitive skills with this STANLEY Jr toy that allows him or her to role-play while making things around the house. Your child’s hand and eye coordination will improve drastically and contribute to excellent development.


• Easy To Learn – Any child will have an easy time learning how to play with this toy. Kids only need to press a button to start up the Drill and start playing with it right away.
• Battery-powered- The STANLEY Jr toy is Battery-powered which makes it a suitable fit for any child’s play. Kids will find the toy interesting and it produces a realistic drill spinning action and sounds during play.
• Role play – If you are looking for ideas on toys that you can give your child for Pretend Playing, then look no further than this Battery-powered Drill that helps children role-play as carpenters.
• Durable- Made from hard plastic, this toy is for parents who want a long lasting toy that their children can play with for a long time.
• Perfect Gift – If you are lost on ideas on what to give your child on his or her upcoming birthday, this is the perfect gift to give them. The child will love it and will not want to put it down.