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Stanley Jr. Battery Operated Weed Trimmer

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Every day our children watch as we tend our gardens. The act of observation has an impact on them and we need to take advantage of this to help the child grow further. A STANLEY Jr Weed Trimmer replica toy is a great way of doing this and will help the child learn the value of hard work while connecting with nature.


• Role-play – Give your child the chance to role-play mowing the lawn with this Weed Trimmer replica toy that comes in an impressive package. Your child will love this and make the most of his or her time outside.
• Connect With Nature – If you are looking to help your child connect more with nature, there is no better way to do this than with this toy.
• Safe For Use – The STANLEY Jr Weed Trimmer replica toy is safe for use and your child can play carefree.
• Durable – The toy is durable and does not break easily which makes it a great tool for the child as he or she grows up. The toy will remain with the child through the development.
• Battery-powered – The Weed Trimmer replica toy is battery-powered and creates realistic mowing sounds and actions to help make the role-play more realistic for your child.